‘We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed’ Corinthians 4:8  

St. Luke’s is a growing congregation in a beautiful small town with a vibrant community. The modern young family is presented with a busy family schedule that competes with the traditional Sunday and may not allow for the free time once allowed during the weekends and weekdays. This can make it challenging for families to participate and volunteer as they might have in past generations. We seek to find ways to engage these families and continue in the faith life of the parish.

At St. Luke’s we are blessed with faithful members who seek to serve God in the congregation and in the world. We hope to grow our programs that serve God’s mission, but do find it a challenge in a smaller congregation to do everything we see God calling us to do outside our Church walls. We seek someone who will help us focus our mission, support our ongoing work, find new and creative ways to heed God’s call, and help us partner with other congregations and resources in the wider community.

The youth program at St. Luke’s is vibrant and growing, but there is a conflict this day in age with the busy family schedule consumed with organized sports and other extra curricular activities that impede on the traditional Sunday service. We seek to find ways to better engage the youth of St. Luke’s and want to grow our Youth program, possibly partnering with other churches to create a strong program for our children.

St. Luke’s is steeped in history with a beautiful church that is over 200 years old. At times we do find it a struggle to maintain such a beautiful building. We are in the midst of rebuilding the outside trim of our steeple which is a necessary expense. We need to continue to find ways to balance our budget.

Adult Education is an area we feel called to grow and become a more consistent part of our spiritual education at St. Luke’s.