To the next rector of St. Luke’s,

When someone enters the doors at St. Luke’s they are immediately welcomed by members of the parish who see to it as their ministry to take care of people, making sure their time at St. Luke’s is worthwhile and meaningful. We want you lead us on our mission to be welcoming.

We find that people are truly seeking Godly community when they come to St. Luke’s. They quickly witness our energy and enthusiasm which may be responsible for our ability to attract new families. We want you to lead us on our mission to be a vibrant parish family.

With open hearts and God’s guidance, we want you to strengthen our congregation and help us to grow our faith as we plan for our future with imagination, wisdom and organization. We want you be our visionary leader as we fulfill God’s mission.

We believe in coming together as a faith family and caring for the whole person. We celebrate each other’s joy and we stand together in times of need. We want you to lead us on our mission to be a pastoral community.

The St. Luke’s community is a small parish, but we have dedicated individuals and families that together make a cohesive, steadfast parish family. People use their gifts to help us grow closer as a body of Christ. We want you to lead us on our mission to be a dedicated parish family.

As a cohesive, parish family, we are able to vocalize concerns and joys, resolve issues when they arise, and celebrate positive steps forward. As our family journeys to find where God is calling us, we’ve developed strong relationships with the many farming families that surround our church.  We believe the church of the future is collaborative – both within our congregation, the local community, and the larger Episcopal Church. We want you lead us on our mission to collaborate with each other, our community and beyond?

We want to understand the stories of our faith through inspired spiritual education. We hope your ability as a knowledgeable educator will enable our faith to grow.

Imprinted on our logo is the statement, “Serving God, Helping Others.” And in our weekly bulletin, we are reminded that we are the “Heart of South Glastonbury.” We believe the Church of the future is one where we seek God’s will and use our resources to further God’s mission. To that end, we have decided to call a half time Rector at St. Luke’s. We seek someone who will work with us to lead the mission that God calls us to do.

We believe a rector who is welcoming, vibrant, visionary, pastoral, dedicated, knowledgeable, organized, collaborative and an educator at heart will be equipped to empower us to more faithfully participate in God’s mission.

Interested candidates should email a Letter of Interest, OTM profile, and resume to:


Canon for Mission Leadership

Episcopal Church in Connecticut