The St. Luke’s transition team is comprised of 6 members of the congregation and is a mix of new and long standing members creating a dynamic representation of the congregation.

Michael Blair


I have been an active member of St. Luke’s for 12 years and have had the good fortune to have my 3 children raised in the church. I have served a 3 year term on the vestry and was the warden of St. Luke’s for 2 years. I am proud to be a member of the St. Luke’s transition team as we search and welcome our new rector in the future.

Michelle Caparaso


Hayden Pratt (Chaplain of Transition Team)


My wife and i joined St. Luke’s after moving to Glastonbury in 1993. I am currently the verger of the church and have served several years on the vestry. Our son Dan was an acolyte before attending university. My wife and I have served on the alter guild for over 20 years.

Ann Posuniak


I was baptized at St. Luke’s and have participated in numerous parish activities over the years. I manage the coffee hour and hospitality for many years and have served a number of terms on the vestry. I am currently in charge of Carol’s Closet as well as the Mission Representative at St. Luke’s. My husband and I have a son, Tommy who was confirmed at ST. Luke’s and is a recent graduate of Glastonbury High School.

Judy Nokes (Chair of the transition team)


My husband and I joined St. Luke’s upon moving to Glastonbury on 1997. I have been on the vestry for 2 terms and was parish clerk for a number of years. I have organized the last few progressive dinners for the parish. I am a retired banker with 2 adult children and 4 grand children ages 9-16.

Bethanne Couture (Transition Team Clerk)


I have been a member of St. Luke’s since my childhood. I have served on the vestry and was the warden of St. Luke’s for several years. My family has deep roots in the South Glastonbury farming community a few miles south of St. Luke’s.  I have served as the building and grounds coordinator for numerous years.